In a Nutshell

Blogging is an outlet. It’s a place, in the past, where I let all creativity flow, drip and spill every which way. Though, being a professional, I must be mindful of censoring the ebb and flow of my creative juices and keep them sweet. Like, 1950’s June Cleaver style. Everything is so tempting. I hope I last here with what I’m trying to do.

Which is…

To create a relaxing, down home atmosphere for learning about art, much of which will delve into the spectrum of African American artists, history and the process of making works for grade K-12. I will source initially from A History of African-American Artists: From 1792 to the Present by Romare Bearden and Harry Henderson.

To showcase my work and the business of being an artist. As I began to put my work in the public again, I was able to gain insight on how people responded to my art with 2 shows I participated in October. The new work is constantly evolving and my concept is revisiting formative years of the 1970’s. Some work is an offshoot of that period and isn’t a direct connection to my past. I grew up watching Soul Train, American Bandstand, All in the Family…you see where I’m going. I’m a retro soulster, you might say.

To share stories, laughs and have stimulating conversations. I’m here to learn and I hope I can also give you food for thought, something to chew on, and…you get me.

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