Paper Cutouts

I must and will do better about posting here. I used to blog religiously but as life can go sometimes, I fell off. I will say that I need an avenue to simply explore and experiment, so I do see myself posting a lot more. Honestly, until a conversation just a minute ago, I forgot I even had a blog. Go figure.

Some things I’ve been up to is making art, of course and minding my health. I was able to get over 8700 steps in, which I can live with since I started late.

Do let me share some of my latest work, however. Some observations I have in reflecting on my work reminds me that I started my artistic journey as a portraitist. So, when I look at my Instagram page, which is @toshfomby for anyone who’d like to have a look-see, I see portraits. I describe myself as a narrative painter because I started painting by sharing snippets of my life and humor. Portraits have a different way of conveying a story, depending on what elements are incorporated into them. So, let me share some of what I’ve composed on paper thus far.

Still Moment by Tosh Fomby

Opening Soliloquy by Tosh Fomby
Chance of Possibility by Tosh Fomby

All of these pieces are masked on 15×11 inch paper. I’ll have to do videos at some point for a detailed view of my work, since much of it is layered for a 3 dimensional finish. Or sculptural relief may be a better description…I’m only to add the 3 paintings now from my phone and will exit on that note.

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