The Surreal Times We’re Living

Honestly, it’s strange to talk about or even make art with the health crisis the world is in. There’s a Wal Mart I shop a short distance from work when I need to grab and go. Not able to find toilet paper yesterday at the grocery store, I figure to go to this Wal Mart in the a.m., which was around 6:30. To my dismay, this usually sparse parking lot is darn near full of cars.

All I wanted was toilet paper, right? I see packed carts and long lines with about three cashiers and a train of folks at the self-checkout. Before I know it, I’m grabbing this, that, and everything else. Stuff I don’t even eat is now in my cart, bought and tucked in my pantry. It’s a crazy, worrisome and such a surreal time we’re in. I mean, it’s in the bible but who the heck thinks they’ll be around to witness it?

I’m going to tell you about a dream I had some years ago. I was a kid in the dream, around 8 or 9. I was playing outside alone and people were running rapid and crying. It was a dusky kind of day, heavy clouds and a warm, yet comfortable temperature. Well, the people in hysteria were adults and the kids were playing, unassuming to all the madness. It was dramatic and peaceful simultaneously. When I woke up, it was answered for me that this was the rapture.

Now, I don’t count myself religious. However, I do have an awareness. I don’t like thinking about endings or unknown beginnings. I haven’t picked up a bible in awhile but it could be time. It is.

Aaaahhhh…However normal turns out, I’m still an artist. I write, paint, sew, think and view through a particular lens.

Please, stay safe.

Thus Once Innocent Artist: Tosh Fomby


      • I don’t remember the how or why but you are among the first dozen people with whom I followed almost 10 years ago when I started my blog. Since then I have redrawn and upgraded all 500 cartoons in my archives bank. Am posting less frequently and keeping up with the obligatory replies and visits, especially to new followers has become burdensome although I do have genuine interest in many of their posts. Also in the last 10 years I have unexplainably changed from 60 years old to 70 years old.

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      • Yes, that was quite some time ago. Upgrading those images took some time, I’ll bet. We’re all 10 years older and hopefully, better for the experiences. I do understand the in minding the blog with less frequency. I, myself, found that I had to give it up altogether. I decided to restart last year, so it’s good to have the outlet. Will see you in your own time. Quite understandable.

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