The Public as Social Experiments: Can We Pass?

I stayed in yesterday. It’s quite normal for me to spend an entire weekend at home. While I still have the option to be out and about, it’s probably smart to choose wisely. Not that I wasn’t doing that anyway. I just wasn’t the biggest investor in Lysol before. Sprays tend to make me sneeze. Coughing and sneezing now makes you suspect and while I don’t want to talk about this virus, I can’t help but talk about the virus.

But let’s not lose our sense of humor. No, none of this is funny. It’s painful and is becoming a lonely way to live if paranoia has settled in. Now more than ever, it makes all the sense in the world to become emotionally attached to people you meet online. Those who caught the love bug on FaceBook while their spouse was rambling in the kitchen junk drawer and forgot what they were looking for in the first place had it right all along. We wondered how in the world they fell in love without ever meeting, how they held it together for 2 years and now, long distance love may have strong possibilities going forward.

Red Piano Artist: Tosh Fomby

This thing may even curtail infidelity…nah, probably not. Somebody somewhere is sketching an all over body condom right now to get patented and it’s going to make enough sense to enough people to make the inventor pretty darn rich. Or does it exist already?

You see, the technologies we use and can’t seem to do without, prescriptions with adverse side effects, which are most of them, and even viruses make us social experiments. We totally get swept up by them, making for an interesting dynamic to the relationships of those who create and use or get used by the product.

Now, refer back to the second paragraph, third sentence. I’m due for a morning walk, you think?


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