Loss of Human Touch

Imagine the over-thinker, the one who walks around on 7 and she’s on 10 at the blink of an eye. And it never takes much. What? Of course , it’s a she. Unless it’s a guy from New York.

So, here’s the over-thinker in me expressing a dilemma to my 70-something aunt over the phone…

Graphite Wash on Paper

“You know the thing about shopping for food with a glove is crazy,” I started. “If you’re wearing two gloves, you have to take one off to handle the food. You can’t put it back on since you’ve put both hands on the cart. You just have to push the cart with one hand.”

“What? You’re right. I hadn’t thought about that,” she laughed.

“Crazy, right? Everybody’s suspect now. You don’t know where people’s hands been.”

“That’s right. Mark said we just won’t be going to church for awhile. You don’t know what you’re walking into.”

“Yeah, and you may sit on some corona.”

Haaahhhhaaa, Haaaaahaaaaa, Haaaahaaaa!

You’re stocked up over there?”

“Yes. I have greens frozen, chicken frozen…” She rattled off a long list and I’m satisfied all’s good on her end.

“You know, your sister probably doesn’t have much and will be over there to eat.” I’m joking and talking about my own mother, who has a Sunday ritual of going to her sisters to eat in exchange for a watermelon. “Well, she did say she has a lot of beans. I hope she has enough toilet paper.”

Haaahhhhaaa, Haaaaahaaaaa, Haaaahaaaa!

“Your Uncle A was asking what we’re going to do over here. I told him we’ll watch TV and I guess we can walk up and down the driveway.” She was slow and deliberate with her words, as if to even say anything about walking anywhere was taxing.

We both laughed, knowing her driveway’s fairly short. I did wonder why she couldn’t just go on down the street but I didn’t ask. She maxes out her recording minutes for reality TV, so I know she has to put self-mandated time into that rather than walking up and down the street to circulate her bloodstream.

“The question is, what’s he going to do over there?” I was always saying something off the cuff to make her laugh.

“He said they were going to play some cards. He come asking me if I made a cake too.”

“He has a wife. She can make a cake. They can play cards with each other ’cause nobody else is trying to touch those cards.”

“You got that right!”

Haaahhhhaaa, Haaaaahaaaaa, Haaaahaaaa!

I mean, really. I’m laughing to keep from crying. Verily, verily I ask you, what happens to human touch?


    • You sat on the Corona, huh…I guess people will just start throwing things at you from a distance. Go on and keep sitting on your Corona then. I can’t hate what going in a restaurant will look like for you.


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