COVID-19 = Atonement

This social experiment is interesting. It took an unexpected turn and the scramble is underway. At least for now, food and toilet paper is surviving the stock wave if no other products are. I wish I had a small percentage in Charmin and bread. Though in all seriousness, is bread what the American people need right now? I wonder what this unfortunate adrenaline rush has people in other countries grabbing off the grocery store shelves.

After 2 days in isolation, it seems that now is the time we forgive ourselves and anyone who’s stepped on our toes a few times. Perhaps this still period is here as a way to quell the toxicity that’s metastasized and eaten away at our better selves.

A Taste of Spring by Tosh Fomby

I imagine those who are going solo during this pandemic will ask themselves a lot of questions. It’s normal and actually questionable if you don’t. As long as you don’t start arguing with yourself, you’ll be fine. I’m sure you’re more likely to hit speed dial and cut a fool with somebody before confronting your own wretchedness. I mean honestly, who really wants to have a conversation with their demons?

This crisis has already challenged our humanity. The store around the corner from me has emptied shelves. Have we really thought much about the people working in the grocery store until now? Maybe the butcher if you’re bougie enough to get freshly cut meat but other than that? The big question is, where do you put all this food? Are you eating less to ration and share your goods? Do you realize how much sodium is in packaged food? Think you’re going to survive this on a 1500 mg pot pie?

If anything, I’d like to come out of this, both alive and with a flat tummy. One thing for sure, I’m certainly going to know myself better after a few conversations. So Totsy, how is your vegan behind going to play this out since grass is still covering the vegetable garden you kept jiving about? is the first question.


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