The Pause Button

Like the rest of the world, I’ll be so relieved to press the play button.

Since becoming vegan, it’s very rare that I have a pantry full of food. But everybody’s buying all the food. Therefore, I feel that I have to keep buying the food. I don’t even eat a lot of the stuff I have. It’s insane.

Even ordering online is a challenge. I keep thinking I need to buy seeds to plant a garden. If anything, I could enjoy some juicy tomatoes. Eat them like succulent apples or something. Why won’t I get off my tush and get the darn seeds?!

Self-Portrait by Tosh Fomby

Which brings me to wonder, are we that serious about food deprivation or are we just that spoiled? I know. You can’t very well plant mac and cheese. It has to be bought. And wouldn’t you know, people are buying up the food online too. How ever are you going to satisfy that urge for barbeque chicken or…God help me, marinade tofu.

Look. I’ve got 2 boxes of brownies in the pantry now. It’s going to get interesting if I have to break down and eat them. There’s no one here to stop me, so keep me in your prayers.

This thing’s got me thinking about moving out of country. You know, once this travel ban is lifted. I could probably live like a rich American in…Vietnam, maybe?

Another interesting consideration is that we should give up going for seconds. Perhaps that will free up food for other people to buy. How does the concept of eating only when you’re hungry sound, opposed to recreational consumption?


  1. I’ve been thinkin’ a lot of the same thoughts. I can image that being Vegan would present a lot of problems for you; canned vegetables just don’t cut it if you’re used to eating fresh. I think folks are panicking and buying everything in sight cause they sense things are gonna get worse. The shopping challenge may be: What can I buy at the store that is basically very healthy, but folks don’t like; there were plenty of carrots at the grocery so I bought 5 pounds and juiced ’em.
    Stay well, we’ll all get through this.

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    • Yes. And now my freezer is full to capacity. I’m thinking to get a deep freezer, I guess to buy more stuff I don’t eat. Yes, carrots don’t go away. I have some I keep telling myself to juice. I hate vegetable juice of any kind but I do drink it occasionally. We will get through. I had to tune out the news today. It feeds into my anxiety.


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