I’ve started walking more frequently with the change in what our world looks like now. I’ve been averaging 8,000 steps a day but today will be over 10,000. Here’s the thing about walking though.

It brings a great sense of clarity. It de-clutters the brain. So much so, it’s like being born again. All of the ideas you were trying to muddle through in the course of your normal routine, walking gives you the space to breathe freely and answers come to you with each step. Here’s the thing that happens, more often than not, 20 minutes after the walk ends.

Cutout Self-portraits with Flowers by Tosh Fomby

You don’t think about those ideas anymore. You know, the laundry needs to be put away. You have so many unfinished projects, you don’t know where to start. My goodness, you just trashed the junk mail. After taking a long shower to keep the ebb and flow of the head space obtained on the walk, you just want to sit down and eat a snack. You know, something healthy but a snack still. You just want to rest your feet because you did really well to get out and walk in the first place. While you walked the perimeter, everybody else in the neighborhood was probably eating or sleeping, which makes you better. You did REALLY, REALLY good. You deserve to sit down and turn on Netflix with that snack. Matter of fact, have a second go of that snack.


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