Dear Extrovert in Quarantine

In a time as this, unfortunate as it is, we can affirm and confirm some things about ourselves. It’s a time to not carry on as usual but to sit down somewhere and listen. I’m a great listener outside of the times when I’m not. I’m going to give myself a grade of 85. That would include my sharp observational skills of what a person won’t say and reading body language. Allow me to share confirming thoughts about myself, if you will.

As an introvert, I pretty much live in an incubated world already. That space has gotten smaller with social distancing, quarantines and lockdowns. It’s on my nerves, so I know it might be pretty awful for the extroverts out there. I feel sorry for them in a sense but I don’t want to hear about it since they have a tendency to talk too much anyway. The menial gossip tends to crowd the space I’m in. It’s like being in an elevator with strangers I don’t want touching me. If my regular norm is introversion and that space is taxed with a contagion simply if I put my hand on a grocery cart, please don’t tell me anything about basically nothing. You know, the she said, he did silliness. For God’s sake, there’s a pandemic! SHUT UP.

I pray for your health and safety. I highly encourage you to build something that requires hammers and nails. Being contained is no easy feat and if there’s any trace of narcissism, God help you and the people stuck with you.

Are you the ones going to buy all the grocery every other day? Us introverts are going to need you to keep your behinds at home, so we can shop safely and not get stuck with the leftovers we don’t eat. For Christ’s sake, I’m a vegan, I don’t eat Hamburger Helper!

Love, Totsymae

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