Filtering Nonsense

So yeah, I’m in the WalMart this morning, walking around with the homemade mask I learned to make from Facebook, right? Let me also add that I left my glasses at home, which poses some special challenges with this mask, ok?

Tamar Braxton Graphite Portrait by Tosh Fomby

First off, I understand that you can use coffee filters to protect yourself. In wanting to ensure I had it all together, I made the mask last night. I used two coffee filters, for that extra layer, you know. Stapled them together and put a paper towel over them. I folded that baby up like a fan and stapled a rubber band of each side, just like the video demonstrated.

I put on my latex gloves, the mask and fired up the car to head out. I didn’t have to wait in line to get in the store but the doors were gated off to enter one way. Everything was going well but I’m in the place longer than expected, trying to make sure I get everything on one trip.

I don’t know if you’ve ever walked around with paper on your face but in case you’re contemplating, it’s not sustainable. It moves around and somehow, it got to my lower eyelids. I didn’t want to touch my face, so I let the paper stay where it was. Ever remember as a kid and being left with a family member you hardly knew, or even liked? So, that and the paper on my face had me, internally, crying a similar tune. Bwaaaahhh, I want my mama! My chest heaving up and down and everything.

It was awful. Everybody else in the store seemed to have it together and here I am shopping with coffee filters smashed to my face. Who the heck came up with that? Am I the only one who fell for it?


    • I ordered a mask from Amazon today but won’t get it until June. Crazy but o e day I’ll have it. In the meantime, I have fabric I’ll use to sew them. I did come across the link below that may help. I will use it as a filter with cloth and try to sew as the doctor recommended in the video.


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