Good Bread Good Meat, Good Lord Let’s Eat

How are you managing time these days? I know one thing. With bare grocery shelves, I’m not eating breakfast and thinking about the next meal anymore. After learning a few new dishes over the past year, I always looked forward to eating again. It was just so darn good, I felt a bit melancholic after forking the last morsel of food in my mouth at dinner yesterday. It was like ending a relationship I loved but knew it was best to part ways.

If I choose to look at food like a relationship, I know it’s something I can trust to make me feel good. No matter what I eat, it brings a level of satisfaction that has me going back for more. I’m never disappointed unless it causes me some regretful reaction. If I choose well, I will benefit from the nourishment it provides, I can even share with others what it did for me and the possibilities it may have for them. Even if you’re tempted by something that will taste good, like German Chocolate Cake for instance, it’s not something you want to indulge regularly. You may even want to wean yourself away from it totally as you discover alternative desserts you can enjoy that will give your body the satisfaction it needs nutritionally. You feel where I’m coming from?

Color Study by Tosh Fomby

Because I’m quarantining solo during this health crisis, I felt that people who had others living with them were at an advantage. They could do things together, chat it up, go on walks and if times got tough, work it out together by whatever necessary means; and all that kind of fairy tale stuff. Uhn, uhn, uhn, Not so.

Which brings me back to food, or chakula in Swahili. Now, I have absolutely no profound reason in giving you that translation other than for the sport of intellectualism and that I’m, unfortunately, monolingual. I’m trying to learn stuff, okay?


Food is ultimately the sustenance that comes in the form of that stuff we eat, the written and spoken word, our environment, the company we keep and what we tell ourselves about ourselves and others. Whatever we buy into is essentially the food we survive on and frequently, we share it with others or tuck away for ourselves. Though, if I’m thinking on this to benefit myself or anyone who reads my words with any level or care or carelessness for that matter, I’ve probably said enough.

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