The Ground Caught My Fall

About 2 weeks ago, I had a tree cut from my front yard. It was a rather large and imposing element from nature, so it needed to go. The squirrels must find another space to nest.

When I moved into this house over 10 years ago, I would take pride in sprucing up the yard. I mean, I’d get out here to cut the grass and eventually, graduated to trimming the hedges. It was nothing for a southern girl to engage in such tasks, as my eyes had experienced my own 60-something grandmother do the same and even paint the entire exterior of her house. Normal stuff.

For me, not only did I save a great deal of money in doing such tasks, it was exercise. A full hour or so. Well, after years of hiring someone to take over these duties for me, yesterday, I took it upon my eager little self to get rid of some tree limbs in the back yard. The lawn guy had already cut the lawn and for some reason, unbeknownst to thyself, I savored the concept of cutting those limbs. It was probably my own frugality that resulted in such a foolish decision but anyway…

Watercolor on paper by Tosh Fomby

In order to accomplish this personal mission of mine, I had to climb this tree with the aid of a ladder. Not a stand-alone one, mind you. Let me also illustrate that this tree did not have a thick and sturdy trunk for me to lean the ladder. It was the type of tree that resembles a group of thick branches growing from the grown. It was rooted right next to the fence.

So yes, I did lean thou ladder against this tree with branches that sprouted this way and that. I was using the hedge trimmer and my own mighty strength to rid myself of these branches. There was an air of pride at my own handiwork to be in the yard again. As much as I could reach, the top branches were falling 7 or 8 feet to the ground, as this is the height I was on the ladder. I could have easily been a commercial ad for women’s independence, empowerment or…you get my drift. BUT! They would’ve had to cut the cameras when a most unlikely, but possibly foreseen thing occurred. Already having dropped the hedge trimmer to the ground prior, I found myself grabbing a reachable branch to break with my hands, then lo and behold, the ladder leaned away from the tree. As gravity naturally had its way, there was nothing much I could do but wait for the fall, people.

It was jarring, to say the least. I landed on my shins and hands. That humbling position of a baby crawling. I got myself up, looked around at my neighbors houses and then at my legs, where I’d only suffered a minor laceration. But I was jarred, my mind and body in shock. I stood there like a block of ice and thought it was best to stay grounded in resuming these household tasks. I’m ever so grateful to live to tell you the trials and tribulations of my latest exploits from the comfort of home than a hospital bed, which could be quite inconvenient, you think?


  1. O M G girl! You could’ve killed yourself, you’re lucky/blessed to be alive!
    Praise Him 🙌 and don’t 4get yourself, for at least you gave a go at it. Now you know…never again! 🤕


    • I don’t think I could’ve done all that with the height I was at. And for full disclosure, I’ve a little experience with falling. As we all know, experience is the best teacher. I’m ready for that amateur stunt double in Hollywood now. 🙂


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