Tales from The Masked Woman

So dear people, I received my masks. I could’ve passed for a surgeon but since looking at somebody’s insides makes me want to pass out, I went to the post office instead. Georgia took the lead in opening up the state because people needed massages, tattoos, haircuts and to go bowling. Me? Since teaching myself to make vegetable fried rice a few days ago, I took myself to the store to grab items so that I can now learn to make Jamaican red beans and rice.

Let me dive right into this mask thing though. It’s driving me towards bonkers. My glasses fog up, so I had to take them off. I’m a label reader. Imagine the changes I have to go through with gloves and touching stuff that could potentially have the virus. I just don’t even put my glasses back on. I’d come out better getting a magnifying glass, right?

Another dilemma I have is the pollen this time of year. It gets hot under the mask, people. The post nasal drip started off as a tickle and while no one would know a proverbial faucet was running behind my mask, it would’ve appeared quite strange had I continued to peruse the aisles and suddenly burst into laughter while picking up a pack of grits. I had to clean my nose, people.

Being the business woman that I am, I frequent the post office to deliver packages. I had my head wrapped up since I’ve not been anywhere near anyone for them to touch my head. Let me tell you that standing in that line got me rather heated wearing that head rag and mask. I thought I was going to pass right on out in that line, with my packages toppled on me! What will come of these women going through menopause?!

Because the N95s are disposable, I finally buckled down to make cloth masks. As I understand it, if you’re not in a hospital situation or in constant contact with people, the cloth masks will be sufficient. My budget will not only not keep up with purchasing N95s on the regular, it would take too long to get them. If you’re in need, I am listing them on my site for a nominal price of $9.00. I have solid colors I’ve finished but they’re spoken for.

One last concern I have with this whole mask thing, and trust that I’m not rebelling against wearing them at all. As the weather quickly makes its way to heat up, I’ve serious concerns the sun rays beaming down and creating a 5:00 shadow on us women folk. You down for that?

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