The Contrarian Illustrated

I took time out to begin art journaling. I asked Boyfriend if it was okay that I illustrated us and he said okay. I’m not like all women. I get permission. Not that I wasn’t going to put us out there anyway. We’re fun, so I think it’ll be pretty cool.

I’m generous to share. You’d best believe if I’m throwing myself under the bus, others will be hit too. It’s only fair.

Self-portrait, Tosh Fomby, June 2020

I’m working on those side handles, by the way. I work just as hard at eating, so we’ll see who wins. Life can be one big dilemma, right?

All of the compositions will kind of go in this style. I may occasionally insert black and white drawings. As quick as my mind races from one story to the next, I’ve actually drawn out the first comic over a series of pages and hope to bring it to completion by Friday. I’m not trained in the comics genre but I know enough to get my point across. One thing I know for sure, a lot of work goes into making them and my ideas are stronger than my executions. Be patient. In the past, I have composed a series of photographic comic strips, which was interesting. Maybe I’ll share them at some point.

In the meantime…


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