Character Intro for The Urban Educator

I’ve been working on the comic characters for the first skit, which I did yesterday. I figure to work on 1 page a day from the sketchbook to bring it to completion by Friday. Here they are…

Character Sketch from The Urban Educator Copyright 2020

So, I’m on the left of the screen and I’ll be driving this ship, okay? I’m the art teacher. I don’t dress this way at work but I’d sure like to, minus the underarm hair. This quarantine’s got me real laid back, you feel me? I. Am. Chillin’!

The big-haired woman is the P.E. teacher. She loves hair, unlike myself. I’m masking up and getting a haircut tomorrow, by the way. I can’t take it anymore! Now, that I got that out…

The music teacher is the thin, long neck guy and next to him is the ambitious assistant principal. The Potluck Chair needs no introduction but let me tell you anyway. People that hold these positions are there for their tenacity and attention to detail. God knows we need our Potluck Chairs. In the purple hat is the beloved principal, cooler than a popsicle and sharper than…

Then, there’s the gorgeous one in yellow, who’s a yeller by the way, but most urban teachers are, which is why they’re so tired by 3:00. Now, King of the Hallway, despite losing his hair, has quite a bit of autonomy and goes from classroom to classroom, hitting up on the ladies. There’s one or two in every school and they never transfer if they’re lucky, know what I mean? Hall Hustler seems more fitting, plus it has a better ring to it.

The Wall is the secretary, who mans the phone. It’s a difficult job dealing with irate parents but nothing gets past The Wall. You can’t pass go or anything, so go back to wherever you came from if you expect to get anything from her. And lastly but definitely not least, is the elegant bookkeeper. She is the fashion icon of the school and on any given day, you may see her in a prom dress.

Now, do I make myself the heroine of The Urban Educator? Of course…not. I am, however, going to take you inside several comical observations that have played out in my head. I’m so glad you’re ready and willing to go on this bumpy, yet joyful ride with me inside the highs and lows of educating in urban spaces . Stay tooned…


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