Presenting The Urban Educator

I’ve done comics before and they are consuming if it’s not a regular genre for you. Having done this over a period of days, I don’t guess it worked me too hard. I suppose I’ll keep making them as time allows. I already have the next one sketched out in my head. It was the darnest thing making this one because I typically write the script out and then draw. It went the opposite way with this one and I imagine many will be drawn first and written in my head. Whereas I’ve done comics using photography and color pencils in the past, this is watercolor. I’m pleased with the result for a first go at it, though I will probably incorporate narration, being the storyteller I am.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s hear from the educators themselves…


    • It’s approximately 7×12. I didn’t scan anything. I drew everything in my sketchbook, which is 7×10. I filled each page with the comic, treating it like an art journal as I chronicle my observations. I took pictures of each page with my phone, sent it to my email and worked everything out in Adobe InDesign. If you don’t have that, you could do the same in Publisher. There, you have the bubble already put together for you. I had to make the bubbles with the program I use. So, no text in the sketchbook itself.

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