A Matter of Time

I’m experiencing technical and time management issues over here. I’m on my nerves, so imagine the interaction when someone rubs me even the slightest. Let me tell you this…

I drove alllllll the way to Texas. Drove alllllll the way back. I’ve been back a week now. I’m just trying to figure out where to start next. I have a little person with me and his 3 year old self can talk a mile a minute. We’re homeschooling come tomorrow. I have a schedule of 3 hours a day lined up for him. My own kids were reading at 4 and I’ll be darn if he won’t be doing the same.

Plus, I needed some company. Over here talking to myself and laughing about stuff going on in my own head is getting…Well, it’s very entertaining but I don’t want to keep doing that, you know? Next thing you know, I would’ve been fixing 2 dinner plates and looking across the table at an empty chair. I’m good company, actually. Lots of people wouldn’t have the tenacity to remain at home the way I can. Poor things. Poor me too, for not wanting to be bothered most of the time.

People get on my nerves. I’ll be really honest about that. If they start talking the wrong way, I get tired of them. I don’t have that kind of time to invest, know what I mean? And people, so I’ve been told, know I can’t be bothered. God’s gift, I’ll say. I mean, we only have so much time here, which is why I’ve been organizing since yesterday.

My laptop needs to be cremated, so I’m not crazy about having to buy a new one. I’m really not. I’m using the desktop now. Bill and Melinda Gates get on my nerves. I thought I at least liked her but she’s speaking a lot in the public lately, so I don’t, which is usually the case when people start talking. Anyway…

How’s everybody today? You feel the virtual spirit in your Zoomed in live service? God’s still able, ain’t He?


    • So, to further my example of me and people, you ever have to meet up with people virtually and still do the eye roll? I’m too through with myself. I’m reeealy gonna have to make this right some kinda way. See, if you and I were to ever meet and be friends, we’d know exactly when to give each other space. It’s innate for us to know and actually care about our spaces respectively. That’s a powerful energy to have.

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