Blasting from the Past

Recently, I was reminiscing about the good ole days. Looking ahead, I’m thankful to have that time to reflect on. And I started this little walk down memory lane after someone posted how he was a kid and discovered Richard Pryor albums in the basement at 9 years old.

I, too, discovered some things back in the day. Like the time I found a dirty novel in the attic of a house we were renting. Right off, I knew it was forbidden but at 12, who was crazy enough to pass that up? I even took it to school to show my friends. Unfortunately, my 7th grade teacher caught me rifling through the pages trying to get a quick read during this show called Once Upon a Classic. I always thought the teacher was watching soap operas on our time and well, I brought the book to entertain myself and a friend.

Right as we were getting to the nitty gritty of the thing, Mrs. Shatley hovers over like a gray cloud and takes the book with a look of exasperation. It wasn’t so much for me that she took the book. The looming fear I had was would she call my mean, tight-afroed mama. Maybe it was the fear in my eyes that she put the book back in my ready hands at the end of the day and told me not to bring it back again. Talk about relieved, but get this…My sister, younger than myself discovered the book too, took the thing to school and was selling pages for 25 cents each. She was making a nice little killing on the playground until her behind was also caught. My mom did find that out. We were both so embarrassed, bringing shame on the family and all.

Then came that fateful day when we both got to feeling real grown. We found some regular paper, rolled it up cigarette style and commenced to smoking and cussing each other out. It was such a sense of freedom to spew out all those bad words and hold those homemade cigarettes through our fingers. The only thing we were missing was a deck of cards and a beer. It was all well and good until we had to snuff it out before it set our face on fire. Such a beautiful memory.

I wonder what kind of memories kids will have now with everything going on. Is there even a future we’d want for them? Or is there a future at all?

On a similar but lighter note, I hope you enjoy this underground comic from my creative vault.


  1. I remember the good ol’ days…barefoot sandals, sizzlers,pumping someone on the swing at the rec center,walking a mile to the “black” swimming pool, etc.😏 Those were the best of times during my childhood!


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