Sometimes, You Just Need A Nap

I had the most restful nap at the perfect time today. Typically, I’m not a nap-taker. I just don’t like my day interrupted that way. Plus, I feel like my time could be better spent. You ever feel so heavy with sleep, you feel your brain slowly shutting down? Everything starts happening in slow motion. Nobody makes much sense and to be frank, they kinda grind at your nerves on a regular day but when your battery runs low, they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, am I right?

It’s green tea for me tomorrow. I’m Wonder Woman on those days. I’m not faster than a speeding bullet with green tea, I am the bullet, okay? I’m  every woman, as Chaka Khan would say. If you don’t know the power of green tea, not that stuff in a bottle, but the natural stuff, I’m so sorry for you. In other words, I’m highly encouraging coffee drinking to stop mid sip.

After arising from my beautiful nap, I colored my hair, gave myself a facial, vacuumed the den and ate my favorite snack of guacamole and blue chips. Now, I make my own guacamole. No other compares to it to date. If I could survive from such a snack the rest of my days…OH, MY GAWD!

Now, I want you to notice I got nothing else accomplished today. No painting. No nothing else. These are necessary days and I don’t feel guilty about it. After all, today is Sabbath, contrary to what many believe.

By the way, have you ever dreamt about one of your Facebook friends?🤔


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