I’m an artist, teacher, writer and humanist. I could add to that list but that will be evident and continue to evolve in what’s posted here. But let me break down what I subscribe myself to be.

I’m an artist because it’s what I’ve done for a very long time. I’ve sold hundreds of pieces and I do everything from drawing portraits to building sculpted wood paintings to sewing dolls. I’ve been involved in the arts industry since 2003 and my work can be viewed here and my website at toshfomby.com.

I’m a teacher because I was first a parent and later, went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Special Education. Now, I teach elementary art, create curriculum for my classroom and sell my lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers. I get a great deal of satisfaction when students enjoy and do great work that is complimented. Though most importantly, that they have a sense of developing creatively and an outlet for centering themselves.

I’m a writer because it was my first love and I enjoy it. I aspired toward it quite seriously and still have my writings in various forms, through previously published blogs, flash fiction, unpublished short stories and comics. I may share here occasionally. I’ve probably earned a half tank of gas on my writing but I’m claiming it anyway.

I’m a humanist because I’m concerned about my humanity and yours.